#2 Andreas Modin

In this episode I meet Andreas Modin, known to the world simply as Modde. Modde has played in a shit load of bands since he started back in 1997, the longest running of which was Nitad, with whom he put out a load of records and toured Europe a bunch of times as well as the States and Brazil. These days he’s singing in Damaged Head.

I’ve known Modde for a few years now being that the Stockholm scene is pretty small and everyone knows everyone. Modde and I have a lot in common. For example, Viktor who played drums in Nitad now plays in my band Diagnosis? Bastard!. We both have dogs and now and again we’ve met up with our respective four legged friends over at Drottningholm, the gaff where that King guy lives, they have a pretty decent dog park there. Another thing is that we’re both married and our wives are both called Jenny. Modde also used to be my postman when we lived on the north side of the city. My dad is a postman. Like I say, lots in common. Not least punk rock, of course…




#1 Gareth Smith


So here is the first episode of the Punk Rock and Coffee podcast.  What more fitting way to start than with myself?  Putting it all out there as they say.  This conversation was recorded with my friend Pat McMahon in his studio at Corby Radio whilst I was visiting home last year.  Enjoy.